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Oscar's Fine Jewelry

Oscar Bayeh has over twenty years of experience working as a craftsman, appraiser, and designer of fine jewelry.



Based in Los Angeles, RockHer is continuously innovating the way you purchase high-end jewelry, that future generations will admire.


Marco Lauren

Marco Lauren is a new fashion jewelry collection curated by Oscar Bayeh of Oscar’s Design Jewelry, who is a GIA diamond graduate gemologist and has over twenty years of experience working as a craftsman, appraiser, and designer of fine jewelry.


John Matty Co.

John Matty co. can design and create beautiful bespoke pieces, transform current jewelry, or update an outdated piece of jewelry into a Modern Timeless Classic.


Shery Levy

Shery made a pivotal move in her career when she decided to write the next chapter of her family’s legacy by innovating her own line of jewelry while maintaining the family’s dedication to meticulous craftsmanship, artistry, and an impeccable taste for the finest and rarest gemstones.



Ruby and Stella are the sister duo and fine jewelry designers of RUBY STELLA. Their distinct jewelry pieces are as bold as costume jewelry with the value and allure of fine jewelry.


Eternity Band

At Eternity Band, our goal is to become the people’s preferred jewelry brand by upholding this mission statement to be a socially, ethically and environmentally sound company.


Rukard Group

Rukard Group, is a full service commercial real estate firm within the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, assisting clients with their development, property management and brokerage needs.


Majesty Jewelers

In the beautiful sunshine of the Caribbean, on the duty free Island in the Heart of St. Maarten, is our business Majesty Jewelers.

Owned and Managed by second generation jewelers with professional experienced staff with years of jewelry experience.

We’re one of the largest authorized dealer in Caribbean for Hearts on Fire, the world’s most perfectly cut diamond.


Peacock Jewelers

Peacock Jewelers is proud to offer true Vintage and Vintage-inspired Jewelry. Georgian Jewelry, Victorian Jewelry, Art Nouveau Jewelry, Edwardian Jewelry, Art Deco Jewelry, Retro Jewelry, Mid-Century Jewelry, Contemporary Jewelry, and more.