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Adding a new product

Products can be managed by logging into your administration panel. Once logged In go to catalog/manage products this screen will display all of your current products as well as filters, export options and an add product button located at the top right of your screen.

Let's start by adding a product, first press the "Add New Product" button, you will go to a page which allows you to specify which set of attributes you would like to use and what type of product you will be adding.  For most products you will start out by simply pressing. Continue.  Now we are ready to add information about this product. Many of the products information fields are required and many are not. On the top left of he screen you will notice tabs, these tabs break apart Information to allow a clean work space when adding products.

The first tab is for general product information, title description, sku etc. Fill out as many thar tabs as possible then move onto the second tab "price".  Price allow you to put suggested retail price, a sale price, tax, and it allow you to set specific prices for customer groups such as wholesale vs. Retail.

The design tab should not be touched as it can cause damage to the sites look and feel. Unless special instructions are given please skip over this tab.

The next tab is for inventory management most options are set to default however they can be modified if you so choose; two fields must be defined, these two fields are "Quantity" and "Stock Availability". If either of these are left default the product will display out of stock.

Related, up-sale and cross-sale items generally all function the same, each corresponds the current produt to another product to either increase the volumn of the sale or the cost. Products can link to other products simply by checking the check box next to the desired cooresponding product. The main difference between these three options is placement, i suggest testing each and using your judgement to determine the look that is best for your store.

Custom options are what allow you to give your products flexibility, they can allow a client to engrave a custom message, choose a ring size, bracelet length, or even the metal thier product will be cast in.  Options can alter the price up or down and can be a required or optional field.

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