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What is Maintenance?

Maintenance is a structure put in place to ensure the sites continue to function and grow.  The interent it based of many languages and is always changing, your website must evolve to ensure you stay ahead of the game.


Training and Support

Our maintenance representative is available for technical support via phone, email, or chat during our office hours. Our rep will also train you on how to manage your site and use our system. We also have a ticket system for our clients to report any bugs they find or if they have any changes they'd like to request. This system automatically notifies us of any new tickets and we take care of your request as soon as we recieve them


Speed and Performance

The internet is constantly changing, we create new and improved ways of delivering information faster to your end user. With enhanced compression, CDN (Content Delivery Networks) and optimizations of scripts. We ensure your site runs its best. The faster your site runs the better Google will rank you.


Back up

Remote backup hosting and data protection utilizing the highest quality hardware and connections to ensure the integrity of data. Feel comfortable knowing that your data is safe and secured.

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