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Most Popular Articles

Article Adding products to categories
There are two different methods to do this.   One of which is to assign a specific product the category you want while creating a new product or...
Views: 274
Article I made a change to a CMS Page/Static Block but it isn't displaying the change
When you make a change and it doesn't appear, the usual solution is that the page needs to be refreshed a few times. The reason being is because...
Views: 254
Article How to add a new page
This section will teach you how to add a new page to your site that has no relation to products. So pages like "About Us", "Shipping Policy" or any...
Views: 221
Article Manage Diamonds
To add your vendors diamond lists to your diamond search; 1. Select 'Manage Diamonds' under the Catalog drop down 2. Select 'Manage Vendors' on...
Views: 182
Article Setup Outlook with Google Email
How to configure your Outlook GMail account Why should I use Outlook for my Gmail address?   Although the web based system of Google Gmail...
Views: 169

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